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The Amazing True Story of How Babies are Made

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It’s one of the most amazing stories ever told- and it’s true!

The Amazing True Story of How Babies are Made

When my oldest son asked where babies come from, I made my way to  a large  bookshop, expecting to find shelves groaning with volumes on the subject. Instead, I found only two books- one was complicated and boring and the other was 1973’s “Where Did I Come From?”. I bought the latter and had the rather surreal experience of reading the same still-charming-but-outdated book to my son that my mother had read to me.

It turned out many of my friends had experienced the same frustration with finding a good sex ed book so I decided to have a go  at writing one myself. Firstly, I wanted it to be straightforward and honest. Secondly, I wanted it to include alternative but increasingly common methods of conception such as IVF, sperm and egg donation as well as  different types of families and parents. Finally, seeing as “Mum/Dad, how are babies made?” can be five of the most terrifying words a parent can hear, I  figured that a hefty dose of humour would help alleviate the embarrassment. So it was that the Amazing True Story of How Babies Are Made was born, with help from ABC Books/ Harper Collins.

Anyway, I had bucketloads of fun writing and drawing this book and have been extremely pleased with how it’s been received by parents, children and commentators. Here’s a range of interviews and reviews:

On Sunrise on Channel 7

With ABC News 24

In the West Australian newspaper

On the Hugzilla blog

and I knew I had really arrived when there was A BACKLASH* (*turned out to not really be much of a backlash)

ATSOHBAM (yes, it’s a wonky acronym but hey, it’s quicker than writing out the whole title)  is available at most bookshops, ABC shops, Kmart, Target, Big W and online at:

ABC Shop



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